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About Hillingdale Capital

For Investors

Hillingdale Capital is an independent, client-focused, Cape Town-based debt and equity capital-raising and corporate finance advisory boutique with an extensive global institutional client network. The firm specialises in offering sophisticated investors access to select, high-quality investment opportunities in venture capital, corporates, investment funds, and blockchain ecosystem protocols. 

For Capital Requirers 

Hillingdale offers comprehensive, innovative and tailored debt and equity funding solutions and corporate finance advisory services unique to each client. After an extensive information gathering process, we will provide the entity requiring capital with access to the largest institutional investors in Africa and Europe and practical advice and holistic solutions to complex capital funding requirements.

Blockchain and Web3

Hillingdale is niched in conducting capital raising rounds for blockchain ecosystem projects and protocols and Web3-orientated businesses. Our expertise in this field is unmatched, and we have ongoing institutional investor appetite for quality Web3 businesses requiring capital.

Who We Are

We are a group of senior investment bankers, each with over 15 years of global experience, who have worked in both South Africa and Europe for Tier 1 Investment Banks.



What We Do

As seasoned investment bankers with significant expertise in executing global capital market transactions, we are in a unique position to advise corporates and funds looking to access capital. 

We only take on projects and clients where we believe we can add meaningful and measurable value, and we ensure thorough due diligence is performed on our investment opportunities before marketing to investors.

Our firm’s extensive global investor client franchise enables it to raise sizeable funding while providing sophisticated investors with high-quality investment opportunities.

Our scope of debt-capital raising services includes: 

Arranging and sourcing funding
Unbiased corporate finance advice 
Matching capital needs with those of capital markets 
Deal execution advisory
Solving complex structuring challenges
Advisory, structuring and exchange listings around note programmes and bond issuance
Investor presentations and roadshows
Due diligence analysis 
Valuations and pricing 
Legal negotiations
Ratings advisory

Capital Finance



Hillingdale Capital has relationships with more than 150 global financial institutions that include:

Public and corporate pension funds
Asset managers
Impact investors
Sovereign wealth funds
Insurance companies
Hedge funds
Private equity funds
Venture capital funds
Family wealth offices


Our Team

Haydn Hammond

Haydn Hammond

Haydn Hammond has worked in the financial services industry for over 20 years, 13 of which were in the investment banking division of Barclays London. He held the Director of Emerging Market Sales position at Barclays and Natixis Investment Bank and, more recently, was CEO of a pioneering digital asset manager based in Zurich. Haydn has extensive institutional financial distribution experience in South Africa, Europe, and the USA, and he has acted in the capacity of Director for several financial services organisations. Haydn holds a Bachelor of Social Science in Economics and a Bachelor of Commerce Honours in Financial Analysis and Portfolio Management from the University of Cape Town and completed the UK FCA regulatory examinations.

Ivor Taverner

Ivor Taverner

Ivor Taverner has two years of financial services experience, predominantly covering global high-net-worth and institutional clients. He completed a B.Com Honours in Financial Analysis at Stellenbosch University and is currently a CFA level 3 candidate. Ivor has gathered invaluable experience in the nascent crypto industry, having worked at two crypto-focused investment firms, where he raised capital for dynamic lending products, crypto-asset mutual funds, and Defi protocols.

Tom Sutcliffe

Tom Sutcliffe

Tom Sutcliffe has two years of financial services experience raising capital for crypto-native asset managers and delta-neutral arbitrage products from international institutional asset managers and high-net-worth investors. He holds a Politics, Philosophy and Economics degree and an Entrepreneurship postgraduate qualification from the University of Cape Town and is currently a CFA level 1 candidate.



Haydn Hammond
[email protected]

Office address: Hillingdale Capital, Portside Tower, 4 Bree Street, Cape Town, 8000 South Africa